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News Release

LTTE Attacks on Civilian Targets 2 of 2

63.		22.02.89	Tract No. 13		Terrorists had attacked Tract No. 13 and 06
				Sinhapura		Sinhalese were killed and another 07 were
				Weli Oya		injured

64.		27.02.89	Borawewa		Armed terrorists shot dead 37 Sinhalese
				Polonnaruwa		villagers

65.		17.08.89	Nochchikulam		Eight civilians were killed and 04 others were
				VNA			injured due to an IED explosion

66.		23.07.90	Veeracholai		Terrorists had killed 08 persons and hang them
				BCO			on trees. Suspected that the bodies were of Muslims

67.		24.07.90	Dammunna		Armed terrorists hacked to death 08 Sinhalese
				Aralaganvila		villagers

68.		25.07.90	Wan Ela, TCO		Terrorists hacked to death 09 Sinhalese villagers
							who were cutting firewood

69.		26.07.90	Thammannaelawaka	Armed terrorists hacked and shot to death 19
				Medawachchiya		Sinhalese and set fire to 30 houses

70.		27.07.90	Akkaraipattu, BCO	Terrorists shot dead 14 Muslims in the town

71.		31.07.90	Podankadu		10 Tamil civilians were killed by unidentified
				Peraru, Kantalai	gunmen

72.		03.08.90	Jumma and Hussima	Terrorists opened fire at Muslims who were
				Mosques			praying in two Mosques, killing 103 and 70 wounded
				Kathankudy, BCO	

73.		05.08.90	Mulliyankadu		Terrorists killed 17 Muslim farmers working
				AMP			in a paddy field

74.		06.08.90	Ampara			Terrorists killed 33 Muslim farmers working
							in the paddy field

75.		07.08.90	Bandaraduwa		About 40 armed terrorists had gone to a
				Uhana, AMP		Sinhalese village and killed 30 Sinhalese and injured four

76.		08.08.90	Meegaswewa		Private coach 60 - 228 proceeding from
				A'Pura			Morawewa to Horowpothana with a load of
							passengers were attacked by terrorists, killing
							26 Sinhalese including a soldier and 07 others
							were injured

77.		11.08.90	Div. 3 & 6		Terrorists attacked Div. 3 & 6, Eravur, killing
				Eravur			116 Muslims and injuring 20 others

78.		13.08.90	15th Mile Post		25 civilians who were traveling in a lorry from
				Pulmoddai		Negombo at Kokuvil were ambushed by
				Weli Oya		terrorists, killing 14 of them

79.		13.08.90	Awarantalawa		A Muslim village adjoining a Sinhalese village
				VNA			was attacked by terrorists, killing 09 Muslims
							and 01 Sinhalese. 03 others were injured

80.		19.09.90	Vellanmondal		Terrorists killed 23 Sinhalese and set fire to 11
				Puttalam		houses at the fishing village

81.		19.09.90	Kotmale Colony		When some persons were traveling in a tractor,
				Uhana, AMP		terrorists attacked them killing 05 and injuring 02 others

82.		21.09.90	Pudukudiyirippe		Terrorists attacked the village, killing 15 and
				AMP			injuring 11

83.		24.09.90	Gajabapura		Armed terrorists set fire to five houses and
				Weli Oya		killed 04 Sinhalese

84.		30.09.90	Peraweltalawa		Terrorists hacked to death 09 Sinhalese villagers
				Maha Oya, AMP

85.		02.10.90	Vahalkada		Armed terrorists shot dead 07 Sinhalese
				Padaviya		villagers and set fire to 39 houses

86.		11.10.90	Arugambay		Two terrorists shot dead 09 Muslims who were
				AMP			collecting firewood

87.		23.10.90	Thanthirimalai		Armed terrorists killed 08 Sinhalese villagers
				A'Pura			and 02 Home Guards

88.		27.10.90	Thanthirimalai		Armed terrorists shot dead 05 Sinhalese

89.		01.11.90	Halambawewa		Terrorists attacked the village and killed 10
				Sinhapura		Sinhalese
				Weli Oya

90.		23.01.91	Bogamuyaya		Armed terrorists hacked to death 25 Sinhalese
				Maha Oya, AMP		villagers and injuring 09 others. Subsequently,
							04 injured persons had succumbed to their injuries

91.		03.04.91	Keviliya		Terrorists on two boats surrendered 06 vallams
							Foul Point, TCO	and opened fire at the fishermen. Some
							fishermen jumped into the sea and swam. Four
							vallams were set on fire. Ten dead bodies and
							11 injured were found. 16 are still missing. The
							missing persons are either taken away by the
							terrorists or drowned after being shot.

92.		14.04.91	Ethimalai		About 15-20 terrorists hacked to death 17
				Moneragala		Sinhalese villagers and injured another. Also
							set fire to 06 houses

93.		24.03.91	Fish Market		Bomb explosion at Fish Market, Akkaraipattu,
				Akkaraipattu		killing 09 Muslims and injuring 32 others.

94.		20.04.91	Niyadella		Terrorists attacked village and hacked and shot
							to death 21 men, women  and children in
							Okkampitiya. Two others were injured. 03
							houses,  a car and a MC  Moneragala were set
							on fire. When the terrorists were fleeing they
							killed another villager in the adjacent village.

95.		20.05.91	Malwatta		Terrorists fired at a group of Muslims who were
				Sammanthurai		returning from the paddy field in a tractor. 09
				AMP			Muslims killed and 02 injured

96.		12.06.91	Kokkadicholai		Bomb explosion in Manmunai ferry in
				BCO			Kokkadicholai, killing 04 Army personnel and
							10 civilians

97.		27.06.91	Lahugala, AMP		When a private bus 60-9765 was proceeding
							towards Moneragala to Pottuvil with a load of
							passengers, terrorists exploded two claymore
							mines and opened fire at the passengers. 16
							civilians killed and 08 civilians wounded

98.		06.07.91	Pudur, PLN		About 20-30 terrorists carrying arms had entered
							the Pudur Muslim village forced opened the Cooperative
							Stores and robbed canned fish, batteries, flour, 
							dhal and sugar. Then they cut and killed 09 
							Muslims and moved towards Mahaweli river 
							bank and cut to death another 08 persons, 
							injuring 04 others. One of the injured succumbed 
							to his injuries.  Total killed 16 Muslims 02 Sinhalese

99.		06.07.91	Karapola		Nine Sinhala fishermen fishing at Karapola lake
				Manampitiya, PLN	and the owner of the vadiya who came there in
							his Delica van No. 84-7071 were abducted by
							terrorists and 09 of them were killed. One
							fisherman escaped and informed Manampitiya

100.		19.09.91	Palliyagodella, PLN	Terrorists had launched an attack on a Muslim
							village, killing 13 Muslims and injuring 06 others

101.		26.01.92	Between Arantalawa	Private Bus plying between Maha Oya and
				And Boropola, AMP	Ampara got caught to a land mine. Due to
							explosion, 09 civilians and 01 Airman were
							killed. 17 civilians and 09 Airmen were wounded

102.		10.24.92	AMP Town		A bomb exploded in a private bus 30 - 7088
							causing the death of 25 civilians and injuring
							33 civilians. Also one PC killed and 2 Army
							personnel wounded

103.		10.04.92	Maharagama		A car bomb exploded, causing the death of 08
							civilians, 01 PC and 23 civilians injured

104.		29.04.92	Alinchipotana, PLN	Terrorists attacked the Alinchipotana village,
							causing the death of 56 Muslims and injuring 15

105.		02.06.92	209th Mile Post,      	A group of terrorists stopped a private bus No.
				AMP			60-9799 proceeding from A1pattu to Pottuvil
							and opened fire, killing 14 civilians, 01 PC and
							injuring  02 civilians, 01 PC

106.		06.07.92	Parayanakulam VNA	Terrorists publicly shot dead 10 Tamil lorry
							drivers and a woman alleging that they have
							passed information to SF

107.		15.07.92	Kirankulam B'co		Terrorists attacked a civilian bus proceeding
							from Kathankudy towards Kalmunai killing 19
							Muslims and injuring 07 Muslims

108.		21.07.92	Parangiyamadu		Terrorists have shot the Colombo/BCO train
				BCO			ordered the passengers to get down and opened
							fire at the Muslim passengers. 07 Muslims
							killed and 04 Muslims injured. They also
							exploded the engine of the train.

109.		30.08.92	TCO Town		A bomb planted in a private bus at the bus stand
							exploded, killing 09 civilians and injuring 34
							(including 04 Soldiers and 02 RPCC)

110.		01.09.92	Saindamardu		A bomb fixed to a push cycle carrying an Ice
				Kalmunai		Cream container exploded the Market, killing
							22 Muslims and injuring 67 others

111.		01.10.92	Konwewa			Whilst terrorists attacking the Konwewa
				Weli Oya		detachment fired and thrown grenades into the
							bunkers of villagers, killing 15 civilians and
							injuring 09 others

112.		15.10.92	Paliyagodella		About 200-300 armed terrorists attacked the
				Ahmedpura		Muslim villages and had shot and hacked to
				Agbapura and		death a total of 172 civilians (171 of them were
				Pamburana		Muslims), 12 Policemen and 08 Soldiers. A
				Polonnaruwa		total of 83 others were injured

113.		16.03.94	Kudiramalai		Approximately 10 boats that had gone for
				Puttalam		fishing close to Kudiramalai Point were attacked
							by terrorists, killing 17 Sinhalese fishermen and
							injuring 03

114.		25.05.95	Kallarawa, TCO		Terrorists have attacked the fishing village and
							hacked and shot to death 42 civilians (22 males,
							12 females and 08 civilians)

115.		07.08.95	Torrington Sq.		A bomb hidden in a hand cart, loaded with King
				Colombo			Coconuts, was exploded by a suicide killer, in
							front of Western Province Chief Minister1s
							Office, resulting the death of 21 civilians (18
							males and 03 females) and injured 44 civilians

116.		21.10.95	Mangalagama		A group of armed terrorists have entered into
				AMP			the village and attacked the villagers, killing 16
							civilians (03 males, 07 females and 06 children)
							and injuring 05 females

117.		21.10.95	Monaratenna		Terrorists have attacked at the troops in the area.
				Bowatte			Simultaneously, another two groups of armed
				Polonnaruwa		terrorists have attacked the villages, killing 36
							civilians (09 males, 16 females and 11 children)
							and injuring 12 civilians (01 male, 07 females
							and 04 children)

118.		21.10.95	N/of Padaviya		A group of armed terrorists have entered into
				Galtalawa Village	the area and attacked villages, killing 19
				Weli Oya		civilians (10 males and 09 females)

119.		23.10.95	Athimale		Terrorists have attacked the villages and killed
				Kotiyagala		19 civilians (07 males, 08 females and 04 
				Moneragala		children)

120.		25.10.95	Panama, AMP		Terrorists had attacked and shot to death 12
							Sinhalese farmers, who have gone into the
							jungle to collect firewood. Two dead bodies of
							the victims were found on the same day and the
							rest of the dead bodies left near the STF Camp,

121.		26.10.95	Tammennawa		Terrorists have attacked the villages and killed
				Herathhammillawa	26 civilians (16 males and 10 females) and
				Talgahawewa		injured 27 civilians

122.		02.11.95	Mahakalugolla		Terrorists entered into the village and hacked
				Kegaluyaya		to death 05 children at the age of 1 _ yrs., 2 _ 
				Siyambalanduwa		yrs., 03 yrs., 13 yrs., and 15 yrs. They also set
				Moneragala		fire to two huts, where the children were living

123.		11.11.95	Slave Island		A suicidal bomber exploded a bomb near the
				Colombo			Railway track, causing the death of 15 children,
							01 Policeman and 01 Army Soldier

124.		31.01.96	Colombo Fort		A lorry laden with explosives, exploded by a
							Central Bank LTTE suicide killer at the Central Bank, whilst
							two other LTTE cadres fired at the people. A
							total of 86 people were killed and 1,338 injured. 
							All buildings on either side of the Janadhipathi
							Mawatha, including Central Bank, Ceylinco,
							American Express, ABN Bank, Air Lanka etc.
							were damaged

125.    	11.06.96        Lunuoya Village at	Over 200 terrorist massacred 14 and injured 07 Sinhalese
				Ilaavankulam, Puttalam	civilian villagers setting fire to their houses.

126.		09.07.96	Gangawadiya Village	12 Sinhalese civilians fishermen injured their boats robbed
				Eluwankulama,		and houses burnt.         
    				Puttalam District

127.		24.07.96	Dehiwala, Colombo	LTTE terrorists exploded two suitcases laden with explosives 
							in a packed suburban office train killing 70 people and injuring over 400. 

128.		29.8.96		Kudapokuna, Welikanda	About 200 terrorists attacked an isolated Sinhala hamlet
				Polonnaruwa District	killing 5 civilians and 24 policemen guarding the village.

129.		12.9.96		Arantalawa, Ampara	LTTE terrorists opened  fire on a civilian bus in the 
				District		eastern province killing 11 and wounding 27. Bus 
							was on the way to Kandy from Ampara.  The 
							11 killed included 6 men 3 women and two children.

130.		30.12.96	Tavadi in Valikamam	Two civilians, father and child and four South, Jaffna 
							district civilians were wounded when
							LTTE activated a claymore mine.

131.		20.01.97	Between Kudapokuna	Six Muslim	civilians, including three children, and 
							Welikanda, Eastern who were observing Ramadhan fast were blown province up 
							with the LTTE activating a land mine under a passenger van in which they 
							were travelling.

132.		29.01.97	outhEast of Punnalai	Nine civilians including five females were causeway 
							in Jaffna district killed and six were wounded when LTTE activated
							 two claymore mines.

133.		15.02.97	Ottamwadi, Eastern	sLTTE attacked with mortars a muslim village in Province
							 Eastern province wounding 11 civilians on the eve of Ramadhan 
							festival. It is reported that 11 people subsequently died due 
							to incidents following the attack.

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