Tamils did not ask the LTTE


"Daily News" 28-August-1997

I am outraged by the news agencies reports. They most of the time identify the LTTE as "REBELS" and "FIGHTING to create a separate state for minority Tamils since 19xx". First of all I want them to understand we Tamils never asked LTTE to fight for us to create a separate state. We asked only TULF.

If any one asked then why we didn't stop the LTTE? The answer is simple initially the TULF's language was not understood by the then govts so we thought let the arms groups talk in the govt's language to explain our problem. Even in the other than LTTE all others made the point clear to the govt and the progress started. When we want to stop them every one else went a democratic path but LTTE turned the guns towards Tamils who said "stop".

Second point is if you note the agenda and the goal of the LTTE, from the start it was not towards Tamil Eelam for Tamils, it was towards a state that can be controlled and governed by the LTTE (not anyone else) with or without the approval of the Tamils.

By any means even if that is undemocratic. If you have any doubt I don't want to explain every thing but the receipt aggression against the very Tamil people by food blockade and blockade of comfortable life of those refugees they want return to a better place. The LTTE wants guaranty from ICRC and UNHCR the absolute safety of the returnees.

will they guaranty the safety of the returnees by not shooting any body in the Peninsula or will they guaranty that they will not send their own killers with international guaranty?

it is very demeaning therefore, to call the LTTE as "Liberators or flighting for Tamils. For every reasonable ‘Tamil-they' are fighting for themselves.

They cannot survive if they stop fighting now it looks like they cannot survive even if they fight. Therefore I appeal every rational journalist to be reasonable to characterize the LTTE as it is, a demon not a deity.

SEENI MAKESWARAN From the Internet.

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