"The trouble with Sri Lanka is that the would be splitters (secessionists), The Tamil Tigers, have failed to establish that even their own people, let alone a majority of Sri Lankans want to see the country broken up. Instead, the Tigers are trying to achieve their end by violence. The Government, by contrast, has done its best to satisfy the reasonable demands of both Sri Lanka’s main ethnic groups, The Sinhalese and the Tamils. It is time that this was more widely recognised, and the Tigers were seen for what they are: TERRORISTS…Peace is not the Tigers aim unless it comes with secession. It is certainly not the aim of their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. Time and again, most recently in December, he has rejected it when it was on offer. The evidence is that he much prefers killing to democracy and has no wish to test the opinion of the people in whose name he commits so much murder. " -The Economist (UK), 10th to 16th February 1996.
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LTTE: In The Eyes of the World

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Thank you for stopping by! This site has been setup to counter the many Tamil Terrorist oriented sites that plague the internet. We are quite sure that you have heard of the little island nation of Sri Lanka, for it's beaches, great tasting tea, or it's brutal war. Through this site we hope to enlighten the world, including other Sri Lankans of the realities of this terrorist war. For almost two decades the Tamil Tigers have bombarded the world with well organized lies. Now, we hope to bring you the truth, if you are not totally convinced with what this site has to offer, please feel free to contact your own governments. Whether it be Germany, Canada, United States, India or Great Brititian they will tell you the same truth...the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are cold, brutal murderous terrorists. The LTTE have been banned by the U.S.A., Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and many other countries carry out aggressive surveillance on these terrorists. We hope that this site has been informative, and maybe you to will join in our pursuit to rid the world of Terrorism.


The following is a list of all tiger atrocities. An updated copy will be available soon.
Tiger Atrocities ONE
Tiger Atrocities TWO


New York Times reports on Tamil Tiger activity.
Great Britain Awakes! The Times of London reports....
Tiger activity in Germany exposed!
The Canadian connection....the LTTE is currently banned in Canada.
The United States of America has also banned the Tamil Tigers - The Washington Post reports....


The LTTE suppresses the tamil community using force...brutal force.
Majority of the tamil community (53%) in Sri Lanka live in "sinhala" areas. These Sri Lankan Tamils claim that the LTTE does not represent the tamil community as a whole!


Due to the immense volume of information regarding Tamil Tiger atrocities, it is not possible for one website to publish all of it. Yet, we have included a list of informative sites that can help in your search for the truth!

**The Daily News of Sri Lanka
**Lankaweb News Page
**Tamil Tiger Terrorism
**AFP - French Press
**SOSL - Info Site

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It is sad to see that the silence of the good has paved the way for evil to triumph. It is upto us, as noble citizens of a ever emerging global village to put an end to this plagueing evil of International Terrorism. Please contact your respective governments and voice your opinion, becasue every voice counts!

If you require any further information contact us at jayasikuru@hotmail.com - we will be glad to assist you!